Ending 2016 with 6 seizure free months

I made it! I will end 2016 with 6 seizure free months and counting. How did I do it?


There is no straight answer to this, really. There is no pill I took, no special treatments I did and no specific diet I followed. But don’t be fooled by the illusion that it just happened. Multiple times I have faced situations in which a seizure would be very likely. Tired and sick days, crowded public places and anxiety challenged me a lot this year. I think what got me through eventually is my mental strength. I learned to speak up when I don’t feel well so that people around me know what to expect. Days spend in bed with netflix and countless hours of sleep also helped me a lot. Sometimes I have the feeling I exhaust myself too much and the battery needs to charge or otherwise it will die and shut down itself, basically like your phone also does.


In situations where I’d feel anxious about having a seizure I tried to concentrate on myself as much as possible.  Listening to my breathing and getting myself to a comfortable environment. Lying down on my bed with a hand on my belly to slow down my breathing and trying to relax my body. And all in all I somehow managed to be seizure free for 6 months. An accomplishment that I feel very proud of.

Does this mean I can perhaps control the seizures? I am not completely convinced just yet, but one thing is for sure: I am stronger than I thought I was a year ago.

Upcoming year will bring challenges that I am happy to accept. Perhaps I can even make a year out of those 6 months? How cool would that be! 2017 will be a year in which I will continue to work on understanding myself and the reactions of my body better, because I have the feeling that those insights helped me to get to this goal..


Happy 2017!


2 thoughts on “Ending 2016 with 6 seizure free months

  1. Congrats! I will be 6 months seizure free at the end of January. I hope you have another 6+months more!!! It’s definitely important to listen to your body and advocate for yourself. For me my triggers are sleep deprivation and stress. Funny how I picked the stressful career of nursing. However, I love it. So I find ways to turn stressful situations into not so stressful and I make sure to avoid situations where I”ll be out too late with friends so I won’t get enough sleep. My health is my number one priority and so far it’s been working. Longest I’ve gone is 10months seizure free. Right now I’ll be almost 6 months…hoping to surpass that!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I am crossing my fingers for you and hope that will make the 6 months in January! I totally understand you. I also believe it is inevitable to avoid stress. Stress is a part of life. Sometimes, it is just difficult to always have to question yourself how you feel before you can go and do something. I am glad to hear that you have made it to 10 months once. I hope that I will get that far. Happy new year to you! 🙂

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