The 2016 PNES Conference

Yesterday the annual PNES Conference took place in the Sheraton Hotel in Mahwah NJ and what a great day it was!

This year we actually stayed in the hotel for one night which was the perfect way to start the conference relaxed. The program was somewhat different than previous conferences and there were a lot of new people attending. It also seemed to be more crowded than the years before, which is good news! It means that the word is spreading about PNES.

For me personally this year was very special because I was given the opportunity to speak once again and my partner was there with me for the first time.

Content wise I liked the presentation on pediatric Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES in children) given by dr. Robert Trobliger which was very informative. He highlighted that it is a common mistake to think that PNES in adults is the same in children. Furthermore, there were two video testimonials from very inspiring women living with PNES of which one was from South-Africa! It is very encouraging to see that more people living with PNES try to make the very best out of the situation. What I also noticed was that there were more young people with PNES attending this year, it was absolutely great to meet you all.

The annual conference is for me a moment to reflect on the past year, to meet others, talk about our experiences with PNES and to gain strength to never give up. Every year I walk out of the conference with so much energy, motivation and determination. A feeling that is absolutely priceless and I wish everyone living with PNES could feel once. I hope I can keep on going there every year because dr. Myers and the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Team did an outstanding job once again.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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