Relaxation try outs: Yoga.

Hello there!

Long time no see. I’ve been kicking off the new year with some great plans as you could read in my previous post and now I am back at University again. Next to the big plans, I had some other small new years’ resolutions and one of them was to create a relaxation moment every day. I decided to start and test one of the greatest tips I got at the PNES conference: Yoga.

It was not the first time that I heard about how good practising yoga can be for body and mind. I had been doing it in classes for a couple of months already, because friends advised me to and I’ve read a lot of positive things about it. However, this was when I wasn’t in University yet and the classes took place at my hometown. After I moved to Maastricht I thought about starting it but since I needed to get used to my new life it just didn’t happen. After visiting the conference in September, were doing yoga for PNES patients was highly emphasized, I decided that I really should start it again. Although I had all these great ideas, it just didn’t happen because of schedules, being busy with other activities etc. You know how these things go! πŸ˜‰


And yet, how great it is to be busy with all these things, your body and mind need some rest. So from January onwards I try to do Yoga every day and preferably in the morning. No yoga class, not an hour long but just 5, 10, 15 or even 20 minutes before you start your day. How I do it? I use an App! The Daily Yoga App which can be downloaded for free in the Appstore, and if you really like it you can even upgrade to Pro. There are all kinds of exercises in this app, from morning Yoga to Yoga for better breathing. Especially the Yoga for better breathing helps me. I used to breath the other way around, so first chest and than belly and because of that I sometimes did not get enough oxygen, and this could be a trigger for my seizures. This app helps me to breath more deeply and calm. With this App, it’s like you have your personal yoga teacher. They exactly show you how the poses are done and talk you all the way through your exercise.

Try to create your own relaxation moment every day, we all need that! πŸ™‚






2 thoughts on “Relaxation try outs: Yoga.

  1. Nadine,

    This piece about relaxation, is one that a lot if not all should practice.

    Congrats on doing yoga !

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