Organised piece of mind

In my most recent post I told you about being busy and seizure free, which is great! But how do I manage to be so busy and not having seizures? I explained the healthy eating, exercising and balancing part that works for me, but today I would like to share a tool I use to organise my life..

Namely, a planner! Makes sense, doesn’t it? Ever since I started high school I loved using planners to write everything down I needed to remember and structure my week. in the mean time, I already used a lot of them! Each year I would try a different one until a couple of years ago I found one that worked for me. I love the ones that allow you to look at your whole week in one glimpse.


Despite I was feeling so good the last couple of weeks, last week was a tough one. I wasn’t organised, I lost concentration all the time and was not motivated to do my work. That caused frustration and eventually even a small seizure. I didn’t even look at my planner any more. When I was checking Facebook, something that I was doing way too much, I saw that this friend shared something about new type of planner. I klicked on the link and was amazed by the video that popped up. It is a new concept invented by a recent college graduate that felt extremely lost after leaving university. She created a weekly planner of which the days would be divided in half an hour blocks. Every day has a ‘today’s focus’ section to keep focussed on the main task of that day. In the left margin, there is a ‘this weeks focus’ section to be reminded of the main focus of that week. Under that section there is room for ‘good things that happened’ to keep motivated and embrace the positive. Every week has its own inspirational quote and separate personal and work to do lists divided into top priority, priority and earrands. On the website, you can download a free PDF to try. So I did and started working with it. Turned out, it works great for me to keep focussed and motivated! It is really nice to have an organised overview of all the things you have to do in a week personal, school as well as work related. It brought me a certain peace of mind I needed especially after last week. If you would like to visit the website here’s the link:


Have a good and organised week everyone!




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