5 reasons why Fall is Fun for PNES patients..

The time of shorter days, colder weather en coloring leaves is here again. Fall has officially arrived! While some people might not be the biggest fan of this season, I am! And to give this Article another dimension than the already exisiting milion reasons to love fall, I present you: the PNES side of it! 5 reasons why people with PNES should enjoy fall to the max:

1. One of the most important reasons for me to love fall is that summer, and with that, swim season is over. I love swimming but for people with PNES swimming can be a challenge. The time of questioning yourself intensively about: How do I feel, can I go? Should I go now? I don’t feel so well, GET OUT OF THE WATER! is over and I am sure also my loved ones are somewhat relieved about this.


2. Staying inside under a blanket and a hot cup of tea or chocolate milk after an intensive seizure is not a crime any more. fall4

3. While you’re under this blanket with your hot cup of tea obviously some entertainment would be great and for those of you that know about my guilty pleasure, I say: Frozen, Brave, Lion King, Peter Pan, Tangled..


4. Taking ridiculously long and hot baths (with someone to check in with you regularly!) and showers to get some sense of relief for your way too sore muscles is completely fine. Sore muscles or not, everybody does that once the weather gets colder. fall6

5. Fall walks in the forest. Do I need to say more? During a sunny but chilly day walking in the coloured forest, breathing in the smell of nature to get your mind off of things..


Oh I love Fall…

Have a good week everyone!




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