PNES Fast Facts.

So, was the conference you went to in New York useful? Did you learn a bit more?

These two questions I’ve been frequently asked the last two weeks. All of the people that asked, are genuinely interested and therefore, I decided to put down some fast facts about the most important subjects discussed at the conference in this blogpost. This is also good for me, since I hadn’t had time to look into it again after I got home. While I am writing this blogpost, it still puts a smile upon my face.

Ready to get to know a bit more about these weird seizures I have? Here we go!

1. surprisingly, 3 out of 10 epilepsy patients have PNES

2. There are many types of seizures; being absent for a while, shaking of body parts, losing consciousness or a combination

3. Before getting diagnosed, several EEG’s (recordance of electrical activity in the brain) have to be made. EEG’s are very sensitive and have to be interpreted carefully.

4. About 20% of epilepsy patients, also have PNES. Seizures are mostly hard to distinguish.

5. Characteristics of PNES are: rhytmic body movements, eye closure and variations in the types of seizures

6. the Quality of Life of persons with PNES is perceived less than the QOL of people with epilepsy, often because of negative attitudes of health professionals.

7. PNES is closely connected with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. About 75% of PNES patients have a history of trauma and 25% of PNES patients also have PTSD.

These facts are 7 points I was longing to hear from the moment I got my first seizure. I think you might understand how important for me it was to hear this information and I am very glad to share it with you right now. Of course, this information is not mine. All of these facts are retrieved from the conference by dr. Lorna Myers and several others. All powerpoint presentations of the conference can be found here:

The conference is also recorded on video and will be published soon.


Have a good week everyone!




3 thoughts on “PNES Fast Facts.

  1. Great write up !

    Very informative and hope this will assist everyone getting the word out out about PNES.
    I was sitting next to you and didn’t even see you take one picture !

    Quite the photographer, Nadine !

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