A new week has started and this is it! This is the week that me and my mom are flying to the US to go to the congress held about non-epileptic seizures in New Jersey. I absolutely can’t believe we are going to leave in 3(!!) days already.

When I started this blog in May with the announcement that I am going to this congress in September, it seemed to last forever. I am very excited and I am starting to get slighty nervous (in a good way!) about the whole thing. I still need to focus on school but that is very hard right now.

The past few years were tough because it took very long for me to get diagnosed, and once I had a diagnose the search for good therapy began. But because this phenomenon is so unknown here in the Netherlands there were a lot of dissapointments and frustrated feelings along the way. It just seems surreal that I am actually going to get more information about these weird seizures that have been bothering me for the last years. The thought of meeting people that are in the same situation sounds even more crazy to me. I have no clue what to expect of the whole congress but I am just going to see what happens. I am very excited and proud of myself already for taking this step.

In this post I would also like to thank all my family and friends that support me no matter what. You guys are amazing and I love you all. I know you all wish me the best and you hope that this trip will bring me something. I appreciate that a lot.

Well, that was it for now. Still 3 days of school and than I am off! 😉

Have a good week everybody!





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