Meet the Dutchies!

Those of you who read my blog probably know that I am from the Netherlands. I guess you might have heard from this little country once or twice but I have to face reality and acknowledge that some of you might not have heard of it at all. Especially for my non European readers… Here we go!


The Netherlands literally means ‘Low Country’ since it’s geography is low and flat. More than 16 million people live on 16,039 squire meters and its capital is Amsterdam.


Neighboring countries are Belgium, Germany and on the west coast you’ll find the North Sea. We are most famous for our:







Fight against water


Soccer team




Our climate isn’t the most tropical one since we have a lot of rain but as a Dutchie you’ll get used to that. I live in the south of the Netherlands, which is not as flat as the north. In the province of Limburg we are very proud of our ‘hills’. Driving to Germany or Belgium doesn’t take more than 20 min and you can even cycle (yes we love to do that) there if you want to.


I could bore you with our whole history but don’t worry I won’t. If you would like to know more about this little country just google it :). This article was to at least give you an idea where I come from. That was all, now I am going to enjoy a bit of sun. Just kidding.. It’s raining, again! 😉


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