Driving miss Daisy.

When you are at the age of 18 in the Netherlands you are allowed to drive. The first thing to do as soon as your birthday has passed (or even before) is getting that license to tour around town with your friends. Unfortunately someone with PNES can not get their license. It is extremely dangerous to go driving when you can go unconsciousness any minute.

People often ask only one question when I explain them that I have PNES. ‘But can you get your drivers license?’. No, I can’t. And It is not the thing that I find the most restricting about PNES but it is definitely somewhere on my restriction list. I would like to drive a car just as my friends do but since I live in maastricht everything is perfectly reachable by public transportation. There is no real need for a car but when I am in my hometown I notice it more. I always have to ask my boyfriend, parents or friends to drive and sometimes that really frustrates me. In that way you are always dependent from others. Sometimes when my parents need to give me a ride to several places I can imagine that they feel like they are driving miss Daisy. Of course they always insist on driving me and they never complain which I appreciate a lot.

Since I am a ‘dutchie’ cycling is also a really convenient way of transport. However, that also can be very dangerous when I don’t feel good. I do it but only when I think I can. Some say it is tricky but I think I can perfectly feel when I can or can not do it. Plus, I love cycling through the city. With the wind in my hair and sunglasses on my nose just cycling through the beautiful streets of Maastricht.

I really hope to get my license someday but for now I am good :). Are there any people who have or had PNES but still have their drivers license? Please let me know!

Have a great weekend!



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