The struggle of saying ‘No’.

People with PNES know exactly what I mean with this title. When you have PNES you have to use the ‘no’ word a lot. ‘No I am sorry I can’t work extra.’ ‘No sorry I can not go out tonight.’ Extremely frustrating from time to time. You really want to do all those things but you’re really tired and know your chances of having an attack wil increase. Always having to take into account how you feel that day and how tired you are is exhausting. Some people might react not as well as you expected to your no and I sometimes can feel bad about that. Than others tell me: ‘Ah, you just have to let it go.’ But that is not how it works. I have PNES for 3 years now but I still don’t know how to deal with this. I tried for a while to just go on when my body screamed: NO! Well that doesn’t work, I can tell you. The only one that suffers from it is you. You will pay the price when you have 3 attacks in the next days. I am trying to be honest to myself and say no when I feel like it. But it is a struggle that I meet weekly or even daily, when I am unlucky. I try to train myself to do it more and in some situations it goes better than others. The tricky part is however, that people will ask you things when you’re not prepared for it and than it is really hard to say no. When someone looks at you with puppy eyes and uses the word: pleeeeaaasseee? Yep, that is where it goes wrong. Unfortunately I don’t have a plan for these unexpected situations and I will answer with: Yes, sure! While smiling friendly. If anyone has more tips for this please let me know!

So today I said to myself: NO. I am not going to say yes any more if I don’t feel like it and I will even try it harder in the unexpected situations because I really think it will decrease the number of attacks. It will not go flawless immediately but I will try, I’ll keep you posted on my Nono’s 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!






One thought on “The struggle of saying ‘No’.

  1. This is actually such an important lesson to learn for everyone in life! And sometimes we should ALL exercise it more, specially when it starts affecting our own health!(even more so for people with PNES obviously!!)
    Thanks for reminding us Nadine!

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