My guilty pleasure: Disney

Hi everyone!

As I posted before, this week I am preparing for my last exam next week and after that I have summerbreak! While staring at my studybooks, sipping on my coffee and eating everything I see I decided to write a blogpost about a place that works healing for me. Several places to be precise. Yes, I admit it. I am addicted to Disney.

Disneyland Paris

This addiction of course began when I was a child. My mom and dad used to take me and my brother a lot to Disneyland Paris. We had the best family weekends there and there is just something about that whole concept that I absolutely love. No detail is forgotten and you really feel like a princess. I’ve visited Disneyland Paris so many times that I can’t name a number. The hotels I love the most in Paris are Seqoia Lodge, New Port Bay club, New York and of course the ultimate: The Disneyland Hotel. My favorite rides are the Rock ‘n roller coaster and pirates of the carribean!

IMG_0264 kopie


Walt Disney World Florida

You can imagine that after visiting Paris that many times my ultimate dream was to go to Florida once. And so I did. Last year, although it was only for 1 day, it was amazing! Only true disneylovers can recognize the feeling I am talking about right now. We went to the Magic Kingdom. The park that is actually the most similar to Disneyland Paris but I didn’t care. It’s different to visit the park in the US where it all started. We had an amazing day and I still think about it a lot and a definitely want to back to visit all the parks!



Disney Cruise Line

You might think that that was all concerning Disney vacations. Wrong! There is one vacation that I have admit was even better than visiting the parks in Paris and Florida. A vacation with Disney Cruise Line. This really is a whole different experience. First the idea of going on vacation on a ship didn’t appeal to me that much. Until I was on that ship. In every detail you recognize Mickey or his friends. Everything is taken care of. From amazing meals to entertainment to fireworks on sea. We did the Mediterranean 4 night cruise from Barcelona to Mallorca, Nice and back to Barcelona again.



Disney vacations with PNES

Although those Disney vacations are the ultimate relaxation for me and I have the time of my life there, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have attacks. I had attacks in Paris several times and also on the ship. Luckily I always have a declaration from my doctor with me. In the themeparks I can get an ‘easy acces card’. This means that I often don’t have to stand in line and can go in the rides via the exits. Also we can use a whealchair when I can’t walk any more. On the ship it was a different story. I was alone on the highest deck and I got an attack there. Fortunately I still could write a note before the attack with our roomnumber. There immediately was a doctor with me and he took care of everything. For the rest of that day every crew member asked me if I was allright or if I needed anything and I got an extra dessert at dinner.

The service that they provide for disabled people is probably one of the main reasons I love it that much.


And just to make some things clear here, I am addicted to Disney. But this does not mean that I walk around in my Mickey t-shirt every day and my house is one big Disney festival. I think you might actually be surprised how many people (also adults!) are addicted to it! Just check the online forums ones than you’ll find out ;). And hey, everyone has guilty pleasures right? Well, this is mine.




3 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure: Disney

  1. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh (Walt Disney)

    1. Lets not forget that huge piece of philosopy,Hakuna Matata it was called, talk about Schopenhauer!

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