My week

Good day people

Another week has passed. And it was a good one!

Take a peek at my week πŸ˜‰


Sunday, May 18th

Last sunday I still was recovering from my heavy week and my many attacks. So I decided to take the rest my body was screaming for. The weather was amazing and I was in my hometown which meant I could chill in the garden. And so I did, all day long. While sitting in the sun, I created this blog. A very exciting moment that was! In the evening before the sunset I decided to take a walk in the forest. The perfect ending for a perfect relaxing day.

foto 1

Monday, May 19th

Monday I was back in Maastricht to study. I needed to take care of a few things at University because I had missed classes but that all turned out to be fine. The weather still was amazing and since I am always off on Mondays I decided to go study in the park. I worked a bit on school and wrote my first blogpost while chilling there! I was very nervous to post it but I am very happy I did. As soon as I had posted it I received a lot of positive reactions. Thank you all for making my day!


Tuesday, May 20th

Tuesday I had classes and before I visited the park again to finish off my work there I made a nice lunch . I love this good weather and the positive reactions from Monday are a true energy boost! Further my mom oficially booked our tickets to New York, yes!

foto 5

Wednesday, May 21st

Wednesday I had a day off again. Tough life! I went to my hometown to visit my mom and we did some shoppings together. Always nice!

Thursday, May 22nd

Worked on school, visited the city and had dinner with a friend. And before going to bed reading this amazing book. Almost finished!


Friday, May 23rd

I went to the city with my dad and visited the biggest church in Maastricht, absolutely beautifull and a shame that I’d never visited that before! After that I had classes (I love our Faculty garden, especially in spring!)Β  and in the evening I had dinner with a very good friend.


Saturday, May 24th

Worked at the supermarket all day and in the evening I had some very nice cocktails with friends in the city. Summerfeelings!

foto 2

Sunday, May 25th

This morning I went to sports again! It was a while ago, shame on me because I truly feel amazing after it. Now I am writing this blogpost and after I am going to eat a bit and enjoy my night!

foto 3

This was my week! Pretty relaxed and exciting and way better than the last one πŸ™‚

Upcoming week I have more classes and I have to make assignments and prepare for exams. But I am definitely planning on taking my rest and relax when I need to so that this week can be as good as the last one!

Have a nice week everyone!




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