Get of that couch!

I have to be honest with you. Last week was not such a good one. After the news from the clinic it took me a couple of days before I really realized what happened. My attacks increased and I was feeling sad and tired. The first thing I would do when I got up in the morning was moving my stuff to the couch where I would spend the rest of my day. That is nice for one day but after a week you are getting in this circle of being tired and having attacks. Breaking through this circle is extremely hard. Fortunately I have really nice family and friends that help whenever they can. But eventually it is your decision to get up. Even a 20 min walk in nature can help me to get my mind of of things. The frustrating thing is that your body and especially your muscles are screaming for rest. A great solution I found to relax and clear my head is going to this theme park with all kinds of gardens and a couple of animals. I love animals and feeding the monkeys makes me the happiest person in the world. So I decided to buy an annual season ticket for it as a gift to myself. I can go there whenever I want now and that feeling makes me happy. Especially during week days it is very quiet and peaceful and I can watch the kangaroos, lions and monkeys for hours. I think everyone deserves a place like this. And after a few days of complete rest I am feeling better again. I have more energy and I am ready to rock my last two weeks of University!

Although I often think that I am even too tired to do anything. Doing something like this really helps me and gives me more energy. Because of that I notice that I am more mentally tired than physically at that point. So I think it’s really important to try to break through that tiredness because once you’re in it it gets harder and harder to get out again.

…And you can actually learn a lot from watching monkeys 😉





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