I want to be a part of it!

Yes! I am happy today. Me and my mom officially decided to go to New York in September. Not just because we like to shop but because there is a congress for people with PNES organized by Lorna Myers (the writer of the book about PNES). The exact place of the congress is Mahwah, New Jersey. But since we have to travel half the world we will stay a couple of days longer. I am really looking forward to it. 2 weeks ago in the clinic were I used to go the doctors told me that they could not help me any more. They only diagnose people with PNES and than you have to do it on your own. A big shock. Because end of story in the clinic also meant end of story in the Netherlands and maybe even end of story in Europe (except for the UK). Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not expecting that some doctor will give me a magic pill and everything is over. I just want to get to know more about PNES after patients are diagnosed. It also would be very nice to meet other people with it. Therefore I will not let this opportunity pass. Of course It will be expensive and I’ll have to work a little bit more but I don’t care. This is about my health and being healthy is the richest feeling in the world. Unfortunately people often do not realize that until they are not healthy any more.

From now on I’ll start to be active on this blog. With writing about my experiences but also about practical things in daily life that people with PNES need to think about (for example what do I bring when I travel? Doctor’s declarations etc). I will try different relaxation therapies (for example yoga) and report to you if it’s helping me or not. I will cook healthy recipes and I’ll make smoothies, or I will try different vitamins. Whatever might help me.

And by the way. I am writing this blogpost while sitting under a tree in the lovely park of Maastricht while the sun is shining. I love nature.



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