Let me introduce myself..

Hi everybody!

I am Nadine Boesten and I am 20 years old. I live in the beautiful city of Maastricht in the very south of the Netherlands. I am studying European studies at Maastricht university. Furthermore I work at a supermarket in the weekend. Things I love to do are traveling, writing, dancing and drawing. Sounds like a lovely life doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you it is. But sometimes life just surprises you whether in a positive or negative way. Like it did for me 3 years ago. It was a normal day in my junior year of high school when suddenly I didn’t feel so well. I started shaking and lost my consciousness. After 1 year and a long road of seeing neurologists and going to clinics I finally was diagnosed with PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures). After 3 years of living with the ‘tag’ ‘PNES patient’ I am getting better in turning in this ‘negative’ into ‘positive’. The purpose of this blog is to share my personal experiences, tips and tricks and my journey of finding the best way in how to deal with PNES. Because I am so much more than a PNES patient.


12 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself..

  1. Thats great your telling your story i am much older than you but have had it for 3 and a half years now. We get judged alot and i really dont like that. So getting people and doctors Especially to know more about this disease is critical. I never liked how doctors just dismiss this disease and it is because they do not undertand it! So thank you for talking about it.

    1. Thank you Terilyn! I really don’t like getting judged either. It’s a shame that there is not more knowledge about it. I thought this blog was a good way to start to see how people with PNES live their daily lives.

      1. Yes i agree! my daily life is not very exciting lol i do not work and am on disability. Cannot go back to work till these stop cause i work with kids!

      2. I am so sorry to hear that. I can imagine that it’s not possible to go back to work. Sometimes it can really bring restrictions. Try to stay positive!

  2. Soooo happy and proud of you for doing this! You know what I think about it, great idea Nadine!!

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